Sunday, 31 January 2016


Hiya everyone! Can't believe the first month of 2016 is already over... nether the less I have tried out many new things that I would love to share with you.
Here are my January favourites for 2016:

Michael Kors Bradshaw Mini Chronograph Watch
My first favourite is my Michael Kors watch, which I got for christmas. It is in rose gold and it has roman numerals on the face of the watch. This accessory goes perfectly with any outfit! If you have a birthday coming up I highly recommend asking for this watch as it does not look to big on the wrist. I have quite small wrists and the normal size for this watch would of been too big for me. I do recommend trying on the watches before buying just so you know which size to get. I love this watch and especially the fact that it is rose gold!!

Yves Saint Laurent- Black Opium
If you haven't smelt this perfume before...what are you doing?? This. Smells. So. Good. I got this at christmas and as you can see I have used it so much! Whenever I wear this perfume, even at the end of the day, people always ask, 'Are you wearing Black Opium?'. It is amazing how this perfume can stay on all day and still hold the everlasting scent. However, it is very pricey so I do recommend asking for this as a birthday present!!

Becca Highlighter- Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill
If you haven't heard about this highlighter then (once again)... What are you doing?!? This must be the most hyped up highlighter in the make-up world and let me tell you, there was a reason why it was hyped up. The amazing Jaclyn Hill made this with Becca and we all know how amazing the Becca highlighters are anyways. This highlighter amazes me with just how many skin tones it goes with. I was surprised how well it went with my skin tone considering it was a champagne colour (duh.. its in the name) normally, white coloured highlighters work best for me BUT NO, Becca changed this with creating this wonderful highlighter. It is also easily build-able to get that Instagram worthy highlight. Whenever I wear this my highlight game is strong!!

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream
A-MA-ZING. This is a very very good eye cream. Usually I get a little bit dry underneath the eyes if I don't take off my make-up the night before  (which is on a rare occasion...) AND I must moisturise underneath my eyes before applying the concealer. I have never met any eye cream quite this good. Before I was using the Lush eye-cream but I transferred to this when receiving this as a christmas present. Little did I know that this was going to change my whole skin care routine. This helps my eyes feel 100% hydrated and stops my make-up from drying up my skin. Plus, the packaging is ultra cute, Whats not to love?

Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub
This is a very new favourite of mine. It smells great, I love the packaging (simple but cute) and it works wonders. You use a small amount and then, scrub away! This leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed, it feels like a new face. Before this, I was not one to use Kiehl's as much as any other skin care obsessed person but from this product I HAVE TO TRY OUT MORE. I cannot get over how good my skin felt after using this. I highly recommend to try it out if you love a good scrub!!

Missguided Tie up Chelsea Boots
Before buying these shoes I was without a shoe to pull a 'smart-looking' outfit together, but now it is a whole different game. I particularly wanted a pair of chelsea boots so I looked on my favourite online shop, Missguided and came across these. I love how these pair of shoes are suede and have the detail of the 'tie-up' on the side. Whenever, I wear these shoes I feel as if my outfit is so put together. Unfortunately, I looked to see if Missguided still sell these and they don't. However, I did find an alternative if you are looking for some great chelsea boots: I love Missguided and these shoes were such a great price I couldn't believe it and they are so comfortable!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites!
Hannah x

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