Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Hiya Everyone! 
Currently, I am on holiday and that means I have to try and cram all my make-up into one bag! It's hard to prioritise all your favourite make-up products....However, in this blogpost I did just that. I am showing you my products I have in my make-up bag that I cannot travel without!! (I have tried to keep it to a minimum of my very top favourites)

I cannot tell you how many make-up bags I have. It seems to be the go-to present to buy me, whether that's a bad thing I'm not sure, I have however, chosen my favourite one currently; that is the Charlotte Tilbury make-up bag. My best friend brought it for me and it is so pretty!! I love the classic Charlotte Tilbury rose gold look and how cute is that little star on the zip!?

Now, you have to keep them brows looking amazing at all times. It's a necessity. I have done a lot with my eyebrows after the mad rage over the past couple of years. I have used powder, "eyebrow mascaras" (still don't know what they are called), pencils etc. I think I have nailed it to my go-to brow products now (well. I mean. Currently. It could all change). Right now, I am loving the gimme brow from benefit. It does really give you the brow!! Personally, it makes my eyebrows look thicker and filled in more. I really cannot live without this product.

Possibly one of the most scariest looking things in the whole of the make-up industry but, it's really not. Once you have tried out curling your lashes it is a whole different ball game. You have to find the right one though, I personally like to invest in my eyelash curlers as I want the best possible amount of curl to my babies (by babies yes I mean eyelashes). Anyways, this particular one is from Tweezerman and it is really good! I cannot live without an eyelash curler even when I'm not wearing make-up I will still curl my lashes.

This is a must. We have all tried concealer and how it works wonders when you didn't get your full 8 hours last night. However, if you try out a corrector as well, you just looked like you slept about 2 days straight. But seriously, I love the Bobbi Brown concealer and corrector, it really helps me look awake. I cannot do my everyday make-up look without concealing underneath my eyes!! 

We all have that one mascara we will never stop re-purchasing. My one is the MAC false lashes waterproof, it is too good. It just works with my eyelashes really well. I don't know why but it does! Whenever I am wearing make-up I will always use this, even if it is just for those bottom lashes. I have to bring this with me wherever and whenever!!

The most hyped up beauty tool ever. Is it really that good? Yes it is. If your like me and you cannot be bothered to sit there blending everything perfectly, then this is the tool you have been waiting for. For me, it is so quick and easy and it blends your make-up like it is your own skin! Personally, I use mine for either liquid concealers or foundation and it really works.I love beauty blenders and I can't get enough of them!!
I love Victoria's Secret, from the bra's to the perfumes to the make-up bags, it is all so girly and amazing. I always carry a body mist from Victoria's Secret so, whenever I need to freshen up I can just quickly spray and smell amazing! My favourite body mist currently is Coconut Passion. I have been really into the smell of vanilla right now and this smells just way too good to not spray on myself. If you haven't tried out this spray then you must go get it. It smells awesome. 

Thank you for reading
Hannah x

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