Friday, 15 April 2016


Hello everyone!
I thought that I would take some questions from various 'get to know me tags' to create a list of 16 questions. I chose to have 16 questions as I am 16 myself! I hope you enjoy this and get to know me a little bit better:

1. Do you have a middle name?
Yes, I have two middle names. Grace and Elizabeth! That is why my blog is called hannahgecope
2. Favourite subject in school? 
I can't really choose so, I am going to have to say between English, Art or Media
3. Favourite drink?
I love sprite! Or any kind of lemonade
4. Favourite perfume?
I always switch up what perfume I wear, currently I am going to have to say black opium as it is so strong and stays on all day- which I love!
5. Favourite place to shop at?
I love to shop but, it is so hard to pick just one... I am probably going to say Topshop as I buy a lot from there however, I love house of fraser/debenhams as they have eveything!
6. Favourite film?
Devil wears prada, confessions of a shopholic and of course mean girls!
7. Favourite TV series?
Has to be Pretty Little Liars
8. Phobia?
Loud eaters (does that count? Haha)
9. Favourite song currently?
What do you mean? Acoustic by Justin Bieber, Like I Would by Zayn (changes all the time!!)
10. Goals/aspirations?
To do something I love and to be happy :)
11. Three things you cannot go outside the house without?
My phone, My purse and my Zara jacket with fur around the hood
12. Dream destinations?
Maldives, Bali, New York and Iceland
13. What are you currently looking forward to?
The summer and going to festivals!!!
14. If you could live with one make-up product what would it be?
An eyebrow mascara(still don't know what they're called)//benefit gimmee brow -P.s I would get eyelash extensions for my eyes! I thought this through haha
15. Eye colour?
16. What is your zodiac sign?

Hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit about me!  
Hannah x

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