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Hello Everyone!
Today, I am doing a review on the new Hoola products for spring 2016 which, Benefit brought out recently. I know these products are quite pricey, so I decided to do a review + swatches to help you guys decide if you would like to buy them! I brought these products on my birthday and was so excited to try them out as I love to have a golden glow. Personally, I think I look healthier/better with a tan so there was no question about it whether I was to buy these products or not. I knew I loved the Hoola bronzer so I wanted to test these products out!

Hoola Zero Tanlines: £19.50
Hoola Bronzing & Contouring Brush: £17.50
Dew the Hoola: £22.50

Let's talk about packaging. Amazing! right? I love the packaging of all of the benefit products but, especially this product's packaging. For me, if the product does not have nice packaging I probably will not buy it however, not in this case.

What is cool about this tan is that it comes with everything that you need. It comes with this amazing applicator. When I apply the tan to my body with this applicator it is really smooth and easy. You don't have to be a professional to apply this tan, it is just so easy! It blends the tan amazingly and you truly have zero tan lines.

This is before (right) and after (left) applying the tan. This is only after one layer, so you can build your tan up really easily to be the colour you want! As I have light skin it is really important that my tans looks as natural as possible. As you can see (on the left) this tan looks really natural and as if I have a golden glow! I highly recommend this product as it is easy to apply and has no tan lines. I especially recommend this to anyone who has light skin and finds it hard to make their tan look natural. The only problem I have with this tan is that it is only 24 hours; it looks so great, I want it to stay on forever! The tan doesn't come off on to anything when you wear it, it is perfect for a quick tan on a night out or if you are just feeling to be tanned one day. 

This brush is so soft, soft. I love the brush handle and the ombre looking brush hairs. I would actually recommend this brush for blush as it is slightly tapered. I think this brush does work well with the dew the hoola however, I think that a more dense brush would work better with blending out the liquid bronzer. 

I have a lot to say about this product! First, the packaging is so pretty! (I don't want to throw away the box that it came in!!). I like the size of this product as it will be really good to throw in your makeup bag when travelling. You might be thinking, with the amount of product you get, is it even worth the money? I found out that a little goes along way with this product. I don't think you will be using this product up very quickly! It can be hard to get the right amount of dew the hoola to make the bronzer look natural. 
I do love the look of this bronzer, however, I wore it before when I was more tanned and it did look better. I think the more tanned you are, the more product you can get away with. It is suggested that you can mix this with your foundation to make your foundation have a golden glow. I prefer this product when I am more tanned however, I do love how this blends out and how little product you need to create a bronzy look! This product is perfect for summer! 

Overall, I would highly recommend the Zero Tan Lines body bronzer as it looks really natural and is easy to apply. I would buy the brush and the dew the hoola for summer. The dew the hoola looks amazing with a tan and the brush is so soft and blends out any product really well! I am really impressed with Benefit and if you love to have a bronzy look then 100% try these products out! I hope that this was some help to you and that you can decide whether or not to buy these products :)

I hope that you enjoyed reading this, 
Hannah x


  1. Amei muito esses produtos! Mas acho que ainda não chegaram aqui no Brasil! :(

    Ótimo domingo!

    Beijo! ^^

    1. Muito obrigado pela sua resposta! Lamento se isso não é correto como eu estou usando Traduz Google. Eu amo a responder aos meus leitores! Espero que tenha gostado deste blogpost, Se eles vêm para o Brasil você deve começar suas mãos sobre eles :)


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