Sunday, 1 May 2016


Hello everyone!
This blogpost is all about my hair! Let me give you some background information on my hair. My hair has been through a lot in a short space of time. I have dyed it multiple colours, including red, used extensions, which made my hair quite thin and a lot of styling with heat, which is not good for the ends. I know this sounds like I actually want to damage my hair to the extreme but, currently my hair has got to a healthy standard which I am happy with. I have put an end to damaging my hair for good! 

How I style my hair
I usually wear my hair straight down the back to keep it out of my face or in a low bun. However, I really like this hairstyle (above), it is two french plaits braided at the top and tied half way. I like to keep my hair out of my face at all times!

How I keep my hair healthy
For my hair, it is  important to take breaks. For example, take breaks with heat/dying/styling etc. I normally give my hair breaks by going to school and not applying any heat for a week. It is also important to me to use heat protectant. I like to get my hair cut regularly to keep the ends healthy. Using repair treatments also helps too!

I use ogx shampoo and conditioner. If you haven't tried the coconut conditioner then your hair has not lived. I was using another brand for my shampoo and conditioner but my hair seemed to lack nourishment and shininess. I swapped to the brand ogx and it has transformed my hair! I would also like to add that I love toni & guy deep clean shampoo for when I need to "renew" my hair.

After washing my hair, I like to make sure that the ends are perfectly happy! I use this moroccan oil to strengthen and condition my hair. I love using this after washing my hair as it makes my hair feel like I have just had it done by the hairdressers.

As I said before, I use a lot of heat on my hair. This is only because I have naturally curly hair and I do not like to wear it curly all the time. When my hair is straight I feel like I can control my hair better. This is my favourite heat protectant. I love the smell of it!! I always have to use heat protectant to make sure that my hair can be in the best condition.

Dry shampoo is a god sent! For them days which you need your hair looking good but don't have time to wash it or need some more volume. I always use dry shampoo for a bit of volume or when I my hair is a bit greasy. By the way, a quick tip! When using dry shampoo, before you get ready, so before you do your make-up and style your hair, this will let the dry shampoo soak up the grease ready for you to style!

Hannah x

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