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LULLABELLZ Hollywood Glow Vanity Mirror

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Today I have a new post about a mirror I recently purchased from LullaBellz! I wanted to share with you my thoughts and feelings of the mirror and the company as a whole. I am so pleased with my mirror and wanted to share with you my whole experience with LullaBellz.

I needed a mirror for my desk to perfect my makeup & hair in front of -as I have been doing my makeup in one of those small light up mirrors from boots and as much as I loved that mirror I thought I needed an upgrade.
Ordering & Website
So, I went onto LullaBellz's website (which my mum recommended) and had a look at their mirrors. I had never purchased from LullaBellz before so I was sceptical with how this was going to turn out. Overall I love the website as it is really girly and fun and easy to get your way around. LullaBellz has a range of 'Hollywood Mirrors' which you can choose from, which range from prices £280-599. You can choose from different shapes, sizes and light bulbs to suit exactly what you want. I decided to go with the 'LULLABELLZ Hollywood Glow Vanity Mirror' as this is the one that would fit onto my desk perfectly. The ordering process was smooth and easy, and after that I became very very excited to receive my mirror.
Communication & Delivery
As soon as I ordered I received a confirmation email letting me know that my order has been received and will arrive within 2-3 weeks. Shortly after receiving this email, I received an email letting me know that my order had been shipped. As I was keen to receive my mirror and shipping seemed to be a lot quicker than expected, I dropped an email to Lullabellz asking for an approximate delivery time for my mirror. With a quick response, LullaBellz answered all my questions fast and were very helpful. After, I received a text letting me know when my mirror was coming and then received it the next day. Overall, communication was amazing and delivery was quick and informative!
Making the Mirror
This is probably what you didn't want to hear... you have to assemble the mirror BUT, do not be scared when I say this! as it was a pleasant surprise that it was super easy and quick -unlike IKEA furniture, when I end up making a chair upside down (it happened). It comes with all the screws etc. to easily place the bottom stand onto the mirror. It takes at the most 10-15 mins to put the mirror together -really nothing to worry about.

The Mirror
I love this mirror. Seriously. I am obsessed with it. Not only does it have a dimmer switch so you can adjust the mirror lighting to your needs but, it has a plug to put your hair straighteners or phone charger into so you can multi-task while getting ready! It is a miracle mirror! Also, I was amazed at how bright the mirror is and how good the lighting is now in my bedroom. I cannot wait to do my make-up in this mirror and take a few snaps for my Instagram!

Overall, I would highly recommend getting this mirror -especially if you have a birthday coming up! The actual mirror is very high quality and the whole experience of LullaBellz was very pleasant. From the website to the delivery to the mirror it was an overall great experience with LullaBellz. What is worse though, is that LullaBellz sells some super cute clothes that I don't know how long I will last without ordering something else!

To LullaBellz
Thank you so much! I love the mirror and will defiantly order from you again!

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